Financial Markets

Managing Partner – Roland Tibell

Roland TibellRoland gained his expertise and experience from working in the intersection of technology and financial services for 34+ years. During the last 25 years, focus has been on trading in financial instruments at exchanges, inter-dealer brokers, ECN’s, MTF’s, dark pools and other alternative marketplaces globally. His expertise covers not only trading systems and information technology, but also organizational and operational efficiency, IT service management, change and problem management, evaluations, negotiations, strategy and business management.

His consulting approach is to be extremely hands-on and produce practical results that have immediate impact. The field in which he adds most value is in the “sweet-spot” of his experience; the combination of exchange business, change management, information technology and IT services; covering strategy, detailed functionality/requirements, systems and operations.

Roland collaborates with, and serves as an expert of Bourse Consult LLP, a global financial services consultancy, offering practical advice to exchanges, clearing houses and other market infrastructures.

Roland is further part of Rosenblatt Securities’ consulting team, which works with clients — including exchanges, investors, brokers, proprietary trading firms, vendors, regulators and industry associations — on global market-structure and financial technology projects. Specifically, Rosenblatt relies on Roland’s industry-leading expertise in matching-engine and other IT-solutions when clients require advice about these topics.

During the last 25 years of intense industry transformation Roland has been working closely with over 30 financial marketplaces worldwide as a consultant, advisor, requirements specialist, technology provider and executive manager, which has gained him a deep understanding of how to adapt business and operations to changes in the market, technology, regulation and the competitive environment. This knowledge is gathered not only from large markets and projects but also from startups, emerging markets, and regional collaboration.

Before becoming a consultant in 2008, Roland spent 16 years with NASDAQ OMX and the Stockholm Stock Exchange in different executive management positions such as, CIO of Stockholm Stock Exchange, President of OM Financial Markets, and President of OMX US.

Roland has a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Technology from The Institute of Technology at Linköping University, Sweden.